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Online Ad Design & Development

Banner Ad Design
Award Web Services can serve as your creative department. If you want to advertise your website using banner ads, we design effective ads of any size.

Click here to DEMO an interactive Peelback Banner Ad >

(by Internet Advertising Bureau)

Rectangles and Pop-Ups

300 x 250 pixels - (Medium Rectangle) View size
250 x 250 IMU - (Square Pop-Up) View size
240 x 400 IMU - (Vertical Rectangle) View size
336 x 280 IMU - (Large Rectangle) View size
180 x 150 IMU - (Rectangle) View size

Banners and Buttons

468 x 60 IMU - (Full Banner) View size
234 x 60 IMU - (Half Banner) View size
88 x 31 IMU - (Micro Bar) View size
120 x 90 IMU - (Button 1) View size
120 x 60 IMU - (Button 2) View size
120 x 240 IMU - (Vertical Banner) View size
125 x 125 IMU - (Square Button) View size
728 x 90 IMU - (Leaderboard) View size


160 x 600 IMU - (Wide Skyscraper) View size
120 x 600 IMU - (Skyscraper) View size
300 x 600 IMU - (Half Page Ad) View size

Website Hosting

$20 per month - Basic Website Hosting.
Includes unlimited FREE E-mail Accounts.

Optional Add-ons to Basic Website Hosting
$25 per month for UpdateBuddy Admin Tools.
Add $20 per month for Subscriber List Database.
Add $10 per month for WebMail.

Our customers enjoy:
500 Mega Bytes of storage for content
250 MB for email (750MB total)
20 Giga Bytes of data transfer per mo.
Complete PHP, PERL, & CGI access
Unlimited POP3/IMAP accounts and fwd
Personal, Prompt, Reliable Service

Hosting agreements are for a minimum of a 6 month term. Cancellations must be faxed to (360) 684-8110 on company letterhead 30 days prior to expiration. Otherwise, your contract will automatically be renewed for an additional term.

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E-mail Accounts

Unlimited FREE E-mail Accounts included with hosting.

WebMail can be added to your e-mail service for only $10 per month. Webmail gives you freedom to e-mail from any computer with an internet connection.

  • Great for travelers and for those with multiple computers.
  • Webmail requires no software.
  • Just log in to your e-mail at
  • Works for all e-mail account holders on your domain.

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Website Design / Redesign

Award Web Services website designs are:
Professional, Easy to Navigate & Fast-Downloading...
and search engine friendly.

The design proofing process takes place online via a temporary URL. Correspondence is generally handled by telephone or email communications. Emails are often preferred in order to document approvals and change requests.

Standard hourly rate - $85 per hour
Basic sites start at $850 – includes interface design + 4 html pages

Sample basic site >

Page One:      Home / About Us
Page Two:      Products / Services
Page Three:   Map & Directions
Page Four:     Contact Us

GET A QUOTE for Web Design >

Sample Website Designs - see Case Studies page >

E-mail Advertising Campaigns

Our E-mail Ad Designs are professional and EFFECTIVE.
See Case Studies page for sample E-mail Ad Designs >

Design rate is $85 per hour. E-mail Ad designs start at $170.

Significantly reduce your printing and postage expenses. Immediately notify your customers (or potential customers) of company news, sales, press releases, and more.

Use our E-mail Ad Delivery System for 24/7 access.

  • Send text or HTML E-mail Advertisements to your customers. Unlimited use. Unlimited lists within your account (ie. Customer list, Vendor list, Volunteer list, etc.).
  • Add a Subscription box to your website and start building YOUR customer e-mail distribution list. Unlimited number of subscribers. Stop paying for E-mail Ad Delivery systems that charge you for the number of people you e-mail.
  • Cost: One time setup fee of $170. Monthly fee is $20 per month for customers who host their website with Award Web Services.


Standard programming hourly rate is $150 per hour.
Our specialty is customizing Site Admin Tools so our clients can update their own websites instantly.

Plain and Simple. Do-it-Yourself Web Updates.UpdateBuddyT

  • No software required.
    No HTML or programming experience necessary.
  • Unlimited use.
    Accessible from ANY computer w/ internet connection.
  • Instant Gratification.
    Save hundreds (even thousands) of dollars by making your own updates to content and images on your site.

There is a one-time charge for customizing UpdateBuddy™to work with your website. Pricing varies by specific needs; however, approx. 2 hours of programming is required (minimum) per page that you would like to maintain. * Available to customers who host their website with Award Web Services.

Other Services

360° Virtual Tour Photography
         sample: 360° tour of a HUMMER® limousine
Television & Radio Ad integration to website
          see Ski Center's video sample
Traditional Graphic Design (high resolution)
          Logo Design, Corporate Identity
          Brochure Design
          Newspaper Ad Design
          Magazine Ad Design
Interactive CD Development
Application Development
          Web-based software
          Customized programs

The fine print on hosting & e-mail services: Award Web Services, LLC advertises a 99.9% uptime, however we cannot be held liable for damages incurred from downtime, regardless of duration.

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If you need a quote for a specific project, click here to fill out a Quote Request Form.
We will respond to your request within 24 hours (Mon-Fri)

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